Our Promise

As a Company, we promise to inspect all properties in the interests of the client, and only the client, unless doing so violates a law; to never compensate a real estate agent for referrals of business; to never recommend contractors, or products to you if they have offered to compensate us to do so; to never repair, or replace, for compensation, any systems or components in which we have inspected for one year after the inspection; to always be honest and upfront in our findings but never overstate or understate the importance of the conditions reported; to never give out your inspection results or your personal information to anyone, without your approval, but we do reserve the right to pass along safety and hazardous states to the occupants of the home we inspect at our discretion; all of our marketing will never be misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent.

What this means for you?

We will always do the best job possible for you with only your best interests in mind.

We will never pay or compensate a realtor with gift cards, movie tickets, etc., or bribe them with any gift in return for your business.

If we recommend a contractor to fix a problem in your new or current home, upon your request only, we will only recommend contractors who come highly recommended to us but we will never take any compensation from them in return for your business.

We will never contract work to fix a repair for payment that we have found due to our inspection unless it has been 1 year after the date of the inspection.

We will never make a problem seem worse than what it is or brush off a problem that needs attention. We will always state issues as they are so you are fully aware of any and all potential repairs.

We will never share your report with anyone without your consent, except for hazardous conditions that may be a danger to the current homeowner.

What you see is what you get. If we offer a current promotion and guidelines are followed, we will always honor that promotion until it is expired or is no longer offered. We will never promote false advertisements.